Clinical Need for BA Evaluation

About 8-10% of all children population under 18, worldwide, are considered at risk to suffer from growth disorders and may need endocrine treatment and follow-up, including ongoing BA procedures.


BA Enables Physicians to:

  • Diagnose conditions that delay or accelerate physical growth and development
  • Monitor progress and guide treatment of children with conditions that affect growth, such as: Growth hormone deficiency, hypothyroidism, precocious puberty, adrenal gland disorders, chronic diseases and Genetic growth disorders (e.g. Turner syndrome), etc.
  • SonicBone’s BAUSTM enables for the first time to examine children skeletal development a safe routinely way.


Where is BA being used?

  • In Pediatric Endocrinology – to determine the skeletal maturity in the diagnosis of: growth, puberty & endocrine disorders and during follow up of children treated with growth promoting medications.
  • By Orthopedic Surgeons – to determine timing for certain surgical interventions.
  • In Pediatric Dentistry – to determine timing for orthodontic treatments (bracing).
  • In Legal Medicine – to determination of age and maturity for legal purposes
    In Sports – for final adult height prediction, in talent selection process, training programs development and injury prevention.

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