girl2SonicBone Medical Company has developed and is commercializing the Bone Age Ultrasound System (BAUS™), a proprietary, breakthrough diagnostic device that performs Bone Age Assessment (BA), a procedure that has an important role in children’s healthcare.

SonicBone’s BAUS™ was specifically designed for determining skeletal maturity in the diagnosis of: growth, puberty & endocrine disorders in children and adolescents.

BAUS™ solution is a next-generation medical technology, providing better, non-invasive, non-radiating BA diagnostics, addressing a significant clinical need throughout the world.

The BAUS™ solution is designed to provide health professionals with a better tool than the current X-ray-based conventional methods can offer, for evaluating biological age of children and youth.

SonicBone’s BAUS™ facilitates cross border research on skeletal development process in all racial and ethnic groups throughout the world


SonicBone Medical is currently seeking collaboration with leader physicians globally, for establishing luminary sites in their respective countries.

SonicBone Medical also welcomes partners and distributors. Please contact us for potential collaboration or for distributing the BAUS™ Device.


We invite you to use the links within this web site to learn more about SonicBone’s technology and the unique BAUS™solution.

We also welcome your feedback and questions at


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