It is well known that there are huge differences in performance between young athletes within the same chronological age but with different biological or skeletal development stages (i.e. more advanced or delayed bone maturation stage).

Professional sports trainers and experts are always looking for new and improved ways of how to evaluate the next generation of athletes and how to maximize their potential.

Some of the major concerns they may have during talent selection & training process of young athletes:

  • Whether or not the athletes have reached the peak of their biological maturation process
  • How tall are they going to be?
  • How to adjust the intensity of a training program to a certain athlete, so it fits him best in order to maximize his performance and prevent unnecessary injuries?

Usually, many of these concerns where dealt with using trainers’ personal experience and intuition. They also use the Mirwald equation for predicting final adult’s height which has a very low precision rate.

BA assessments and Final Adult Height Prediction via the standard X-Ray based methods, carry many deficiencies such as: exposure to radiation of young athletes, low precision rate and high costs.


BAUSport™ – Impacting the future of sports forever

BAUSport™ system by Sonicbone Medical, is an innovative ultrasound device for Bone Age Assessment & Final Adult Height Prediction of young athletes.

BAUSport™ is an important supportive tool for sport’s Trainers, Physicians & Scientists, for applying a more scientifically-based criteria in:

  • Talent selection, development of skills and training programs.
  • Routine evaluation of Bone (Biological) Maturation State.
  • Injury prevention.

BAUSport™ is clinically validated and regulatory approved. Itaims at replacing the current X-ray based conventional methods which carry many deficiencies.

BAUSport™ is placed at Expert’s office, results are digital, objective, accurate     and in real-time.



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