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Young Athletes of the same age can vary greatly in their Biological Maturity state (BM), resulting in marked differences in performance, size, shape and function, due to more advanced or delayed bone maturation stage.

The ability to properly assess the BM status of Youth Athletes is key factor to how best to adjust training loads and types during maturation and the growth spurt period in particular, among others, in order to reduce injury likelihood, development of skills and adjusting of individual training programs.

The current standard methods for BM assessments of Young Athletes are X-Ray based or anthropomorphic methods, they all carry many deficiencies such as: exposure to radiation risks, low precision rate and high costs. Therefore, sports professional, trainers and experts are always looking for new and improved ways for evaluating the next generation of athletes and for maximizing their potential.

BAUSport™ Solution

BAUSport™ by Sonicbone is an Innovative & disruptive ultrasound based device for evaluating BM and providing Final Adult Height Prediction of young athletes, used in all sports’ categories.

Clinically validated and regulatory approved, BAUSport™ aims at replacing the conventional methods. The Device is placed at expert’s office, results are digital, objective, accurate and in real-time.

BAUSport™ serves as a supportive tool to sports’ trainers, physicians & scientists, enabling them to apply more scientifically-based criteria in:

  • Young talent Identification & selection.
  • Determination of Early/Late maturers for adjusting of individual training programs, including intensity, volume & type.
  • Determining of Late(delayed) Maturers so during training they can get a greater emphasis on Technique, Tactics and Flexibility.
  • Determining of Early(advanced) Maturers so they can get a greater emphasis on Strength, Conditioning and Endurance.
  • Determining the Pick Height Velocity stage (PHV) for reducing training loads & intensity.
  • Development of skills through routine estimation of BM of youth Athletes, to avoid overuse or overload training programs.


BAUSport™ transforms and redefines the future of sports’ industry forever

BAUSport™ Unique Features

  • Predicting and calculating the percentage of final adult stature
  • Draw practitioners’ attention with a red flag, when young athletes enter the “dangerous zone” of the growth spurt band (85%-96% of their final stature)
  • Evaluation of BM in “Bio-Banding” practice of grouping young players on the basis of attributes associated with growth and maturation rather than chronological age. (This practice has been adopted by many football academies, including from the UK Premier League clubs and from the US Soccer Federation).
  • With BAUSport™, no missing out of talented, late developer players, by providing them with a better chance to be identified & selected, and helps overcoming the “Relative age effect”.
BAUSport™ triggers a paradigm shift in Young Athletes’ training science and sport’s medicine.

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