Performs a simple and fast measurement over three skeletal locations on the left hand:
Wrist, Metacarpal and Phalangeal. (Click images to enlarge)


pic1 pic3 pic2
Wrist Position Phalangeal Position Metacarpal Position


  • Radiation-free – ultrasound-based, no biohazard radiation emitted on children.
  • Non-operator-dependent readings, delivers better precision than physicians’ interpretation of X-Ray images.
  • Facilitates clinical follow up on children under treatments to examine effectiveness of medication.
  • Facilitates longitudinal study on child’s skeletal development by the same physician using the same standard and examine changes in the course of time.
  • Enables routine & safe evaluation of skeletal development condition.
  • Provides final adult height prediction, thereby assisting in determining subsequent treatment steps.
  • Digital real-time results, with resolution of months.
  • Enables diagnosis, treatments and research in remote areas were x-ray facilities are scarce or not readily available.
  • Improves accessibility – BAUS™ is placed in health professionals’ office setting.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Enables lower healthcare costs at primary care level for both, providers and patients.
  • Compact stand-alone device with measurement time of 3 minutes
  • Exceptional ease of use – requiring no special medical or technical skills and only minimal training.
  • The ultrasound system consists of SonicBone’s proprietary probes, algorithm and measurement method.






BAUS™ Measurement Results’ Display Screens:
(Click screen shots to enlarge)



new results screen



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