BAUSportTM - Maturation Monitoring of Youth Athletes

Utilizing Cutting Edge Ultrasound Technology for Skeletal Age Assessment, Final Adult Height Prediction and Injury Prevention

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SonicBone has developed a cutting edge ultrasound technology – BAUSportTM, the first and only ultrasound device for assessing skeletal age, biological maturation state, injury prevention and prediction of final adult height of Youth Athletes.

BAUSport™ is being utilized in Sports Science and Medical departments across a variety of sports around the world. The information BAUSport provides is impacting the design, implementation and evaluation of training programs for young athletes.

Evaluation and monitoring of Growth and Maturation was never this easy!

Redefining the Future of Sport

BAUSport™ is playing a significant role in the maximizing the potential of the next generation of athletes
What We Do

BAUSport™ Applications

BAUSport™ serves as an important supportive tool for sports’ coaches, physicians, scientists & other Practitioners, enabling them to apply scientifically-based criteria for:

Talent Identification & Selection

Improving accuracy and reliability through maturation assessments of young athletes.

Determination of Maturation Timing & Status

Identifying Early / On-Time / Late maturers as well as pre / post / circum puberty stages

Skill Development

Monitoring the impact of growth and maturation and adjusting training programs accordingly

Reducing Injury Risks

Identifying when athletes enter maturation stages associated with heightened injury risks and reducing training loads.

Final Adult Height Prediction

Based on real time, individual measurement for selecting best positional fit

Evaluation on Routine Basis

Radiation-free measurements enabling safe, routine evaluation of Skeletal Age


Adjusting training programs/competitions according to maturation stages

BAUSport™ Unique Features

What Makes Us Special

Performs measurements on three sites on the left hand, completed in 4 minutes per test

Predicting peak height velocity stage for reducing training load and preventing injury risks

Portable, user friendly device, no special training required

Performing a safe, non-invasive test, based on AI generated algorithm, digital results obtained in real time

Determining current % of predicted adult height

Reducing the risk of overlooking the talented, late-developer, thus overcoming the “Maturation Bias” in youth sports

Enabling informed decision making in talent identification, training design, injury prevention and ongoing selection

Impacting and changing the design and implementation of training and conditioning programs

Valid for all racial & ethnic populations

Separate data and algorithm for boys and girls, aged 4 -19

Generating incredible financial benefits to sports' clubs and organizations

BAUSport™ allows for ongoing maturation assessment for under 20 Euro per player, per season

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