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May 9, 2023 – ECA Youth Knowledge Exchange

It was great to meet some of Europe’s top club at the ECA Youth Knowledge Exchange which took place at Olympique Lyonnais’ Groupama Stadium and academy center, Lyon, and discuss Maturation monitoring in Academies

March 2, 2023 – Meet us on March 24, 2023 @UKSCA Football Conference 2023, Keel University, UK.

The UKSCA is the pre-eminent professional body for strength and conditioning practitioners in the UK

March 1, 2023 – Two new research projects with BAUSport were announced by the Cro Sport Talent Lab

“Biological, chronological and relative age in establishing the Croatian sports talent system” and “Improving talent selection and development in young athletes: the twins study”

Dec 22, 2022 – Sonicbone showcased cutting edge technology

Sonicbone showcased cutting edge technology at the Sport Medicine conference organized by the Israeli Football Federation

Absolutely, it’s an absolute fantastic tool offering so many new opportunities
to measure biological maturity within the applied high-performance setting.
We are fortunate to have one @TSGResearchLab. I am sure your son was pretty keen
to see the results about his PAH

It took less than 5 mins and the results were provided instantly: Skeletal Age, Adult Predicted Height, %PAH etc.

“Cutting Edge Ultrasound Tech with SonicBone
SonicBone’s technology is a real game changer for assessing and monitoring the maturation status of young athletes. The technology utilizes ultrasound so there is zero radiation, meaning that the measurement can be repeated multiple times. The whole process is completed in approx. 4 mins per athlete with a full report produced immediately including the athlete’s skeletal age, final adult predicted height, % predicted adult height and maturity status.

The speed of the process makes it possible to scan an entire academy in a morning!”

Key Takeaways
SonicBone Skeletal Age Assessment by ultrasound

The team at SonicBone presented their machine which can
predict peak height velocity in a matter of minutes using ultrasound
to assess skeletal age (equivalent to an x-ray but without the need
for radiation exposure). Quick to assess and accurate results in minutes,
I think we will see more of this in the future.