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Meet SonicBone

SonicBone specializes in state of the art ultrasound technologies.

Our team consist of leading ultrasound experts, engineers, and developers as well as sport scientists, pediatric endocrinologists and growth and maturation scholars, collaborating together to bring the science into sports practice and to elevate youth professional sports to the next level.

The company has developed the BAUSport™ system, an innovative ultrasound technology for assessing Skeletal Age (biological or bone maturation state) and for predicting the final adult height of youth athletes.

BAUSport™ was designed to replace the current invasive X-Ray based methods of bone age assessments as well as the somatic non-invasive methods of Biological Maturation evaluations, existing on the market

SonicBone’s vision is to enhance and excel the performance of the next generation of athletes in all sports sectors, globally, while protecting their wellbeing by reducing injury risks.

Innovative Ultrasound Technology

Enhancing the performance of Youth Athletes, of all sports sectors