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BAUSport™ by SonicBone is an Innovative ultrasound-based device for evaluating Skeletal Age (Biological or Bone Maturation) and providing Final Adult Height Prediction of young athletes.

The BAUSport™ is a small and user-friendly device that performs a safe, non-invasive, radiation-free, reliable and quick measurements. It provides real time, accurate, digital and AI generated results. As it is radiation free there is no limit to how often young athletes can be tested.

Measurements are performed on three locations in the left hand:

The BAUSport™ is utilizing greater and more diverse assessment sites (e.g., radius, ulna, carpals, phalanges) in order to provide more reliable and valid estimates of Skeletal Age readings.

 The BAUSport™ system has demonstrated in several studies better results compared to other conservative methods, both invasive as well as somatic due to its innovative ultrasound technology.

BAUSport™ is currently being used in all sports’ categories and is a one-of-a-kind measurement tool that is changing and excelling the design, implementation and evaluation of training and conditioning programs of youth athletes.

The clinically validated BAUSport™ was designed to replace the current conventional methods of Bone Age assessments which are all X-Ray based and carry many deficiencies.  
BAUSport™ serves as a groundbreaking supportive tool for Coaches, scientists & other sports’ professionals, by enabling them to apply more scientifically-based criteria and tested data in the development and training of young athletes.

Evaluation and monitoring of Growth and Maturation, was never this easy!

BAUSport™ Transforms the Future of training

BAUSport™ enables a paradigm shift in Young Athletes’ training science and sport’s medicine.

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BAUSport™ Applications

BAUSport™ serves as an important supportive tool to coaches, physicians, sports’ scientists & other sports’ professionals, enabling them to apply more scientifically-based criteria and tested data in:

Talent Identification & Selection

BAUSport™ enables an accurate skeletal maturity assessment which is crucial when evaluating young athletes’ maturation status. Providing sport trainers and scouters vital information to better identify and assess new talents.

This will also allow identification of late developed players, and thus a better chance to be identified & selected, overcoming the “Relative age effect”.

BAUSport™ measurements can help indicate which game roles young athletes are more suited for.

Skill Development

The optimal development of young athletes is contingent upon a sound knowledge and awareness of child development. Accordingly, Experts advise that private or national governing bodies implement practical and effective policies/procedures for the assessment and monitoring of growth and maturation in young athletes, and educate coaches, sports scientists, and medical practitioners on the subject of physical development in youth.

BAUSport™ helps to identify and determine the Early/On-Time/Late matures, which is vital for adjusting individual training programs, including intensity, duration, volume & type for maximizing the potential in development of skills for each young athlete.

Reducing Injury risks

Identifying when athletes enter maturation stages associated with heightened injury risks.

Determining the Peak Height Velocity (PHV) and the Growth Spurt Period in which young athletes are most vulnerable and susceptible to injuries, in order to accurately adjust their training loads, types and durations for preventing injuries.  

The BAUSport™ device accurately displays in real-time a “Red Flag” upon detecting a young athlete in his Growth Spurt Period – “the danger-zone”, providing his coaches real time information in order to consider adjustment to his/her training loads and programs.

In order to reduce injury risks, Sport Academies should (and now with BAUSport™ they can) regularly assess young athletes’ maturity, as the burden of injuries varies with maturation status and timing.

Final Adult Height Prediction

Children differ greatly in the rate at which they pass through the various phases of growth; some have a rapid tempo of growth and attain adult status at a relatively early age; others have a slow tempo and finishes growing relatively late. A child’s height at any age reflects both how tall he will ultimately become and how advanced he is towards that goal.   

BAUSport™ provides in real-time Final Adult Height Prediction of young athletes, based on their up-to-date individual measured data.

 This may also help determine which role in the team is most suitable for them.

Evaluation on routine basis

This one of its kind Ultrasound-based technology enables for the first time ever, ongoing and frequent measurements, and provides the most accurate evaluations of young athletes’ maturation status, as well as detecting the Growth Spurt period in particular.

Most suitable for Bio-Banding

Enabling grouping of young athletes on the basis of attributes associated with growth and maturation rather than their chronological age (i.e. Bio-Banding), for training and for competition purposes.

Redefines the future of sport

BAUSport™ plays a significant role in performance enhancement of the next generation athletes and maximizing their potential.

Why choose us

BAUSport™ Unique Features

What makes us special

Ultrasound based technology, Radiation-free

Performs measurements on three locations on the left hand for maximal precision of Skeletal Age evaluations.

AI automatic generated results, in real time, not reader dependent

Portable device, easy to use, no special training required for operating the device

Mobile Device - Maximizes operational flexibility that enables performing tests also in remote locations

Identifies when athletes enter maturation stages associated with heightened injury risks and draws practitioner’s’ attention

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